Pitch Wars Mentee Bio - 2015

Monday, August 10, 2015

It's that time of year again, when the contest to end all contests begins. If you're interested in finding out about Pitch Wars, hosted by the kid and generous Brenda Drake, you should lookie here. As part of the fun, potential mentees are encouraged (but not required) to make a profile page.
So this is the spot where I'm supposed to make myself sound fascinating.

Right. Well maybe we'll ease into fascinating by starting with random, writing-related info.

* My manuscript 
I'm entering an adult contemporary fantasy this year which revolves around the premise that there are certain people who can customize dreams for themselves and others. For instance, if I were one of those people, I might choose to dream about winning Pitch Wars, or signing with a fabulous agent, or... Right. Back to the manuscript. There's lots of mystery, action, secrets, and a solid bit of romance, plus a few plot twists thrown in for good measure. I like to surprise. It's a grown-up ALICE IN WONDERLAND meets INCEPTION. The twists and pacing of RED QUEEN with the narrative tone of the Fever series. I had a lovely fellow hopeful mentee suggest TOTAL RECALL as a comp after reading my query. In short, it's all the fun with a lot of heart. I loved writing it. I still love reading it.

* I can take criticism
I have two amazing CP's who let me get away with absolutely nothing, and I love them for it. My manuscript wouldn't be where it is without them. Do I still cringe before opening feedback, envisioning a sea of comment bubbles and a big "This sucks!" typed in the top? Yes. (That hasn't happened yet, I swear.) Negative feedback stings, but I'm always willing to consider any opinion on what doesn't work, and what does.
I also spent ten years in Human Resources. I've had to stand before crowds of employees and roll out plant closures, benefit reductions, and relocations that translate to an extra 40 miles of driving. I've had to terminate more employees than I can count. (This will be shocking: I don't miss that career.) If I can handle those things, I can deal with someone not liking my manuscript.
This is never me after reading crits. Never.
* I'm a panste-- Plott-- I'm a planster.
I'm a panster at heart. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to write a complete outline before I've begun writing the story. Writing, for me, is about a lot of discovery. There are things that reveal themselves through the writing process. But I usually have a good grasp of character, and know what the ending will look like. Often I have several key plot points in my head as well. The rest all comes out as my fingers move across the keyboard. That said, my current WIP is the closest I've come to plotting an entire novel, so maybe it's an evolution.

* I write fast, and my drafts are usually pretty clean.
When I set my mind to something, I get it done. That includes writing. Sometimes I forget to eat. Sometimes I don't sleep much. I always remember to feed my children. My biggest drafting downfall is that my brain works faster than my fingers, and I have a habit of skipping over little words like and, a, the, or...and I've been known to confuse I and A at the beginning of sentences. Have I mentioned how much I love my CPs?
* Influences and favorites.
I began "borrowing" my dad's Stephen King and Dean Koontz books when I was about eight (hurray for parental supervision!) and I think it cemented an early love of things outside the bounds of our world. I am an unapologetic lover of fantasy and sci-fi. I've seen the original Star Wars trilogy just shy of five gazillion times. I'm a huge fan of Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, Karen Marie Moning, Shakespeare, George R.R. Martin (I didn't make it through two episodes of season 2), Neil Gaiman (because neilhimself deserves twice the mention), Ilona Andrews, J.K. Rowling, Aldoux Huxley (I was one of three classmates who chose truth over happiness in high school), Jim Butcher, Tiffany Reisz, Justin Cronin, and I'm going to stop now before I run out of room. There are lots. I like lots of authors.

* I love writing
I didn't start writing with intentions of getting published. I had a story in my head, and I needed to get it out. Once I started I couldn't stop. I'll continue even if I never get published. All those writers who say they don't like to write but love having written? Not me. I love to write. I swear there's such a thing as a writer's high, and there are few better feelings.

I didn't even have to take the quiz. (I did though.)

*I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie
If it's fast and on the spectrum between a little and a lot dangerous, I'll probably like it. Bungee jumping, zip-lining, motorcycles, and sky-diving...I'm in.

*And most importantly, I have two crazy, gorgeous little girls that I wouldn't want to imagine life without

So there you have it -- random facts about me. I hope you were fascinated.
Very best of luck to all the entrants!!!!
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